Izmir/Turkey - Yakamoz Yag Plant Tic. A.S.


Our Izmir Oilseeds crushing plant at the heart of our marketing plan, located strategically to connect our oilseeds origination with food producers in Turkey by processing various commodities including soya beans, sunseeds, rapeseeds, linseeds and safflower seeds.

Yakamoz Yag as an entity of Sodrugestvo Group located in 43,007 m2 of area in Industrial Zone of Cigli/Izmir in which 41km far from Nemrut Aliaga Port and 26km from Alsancak Port.
There are two seed crushing plants, the first one with a capacity of 300 tons/day and the second one with a capacity of 400 tons/day totally amounting capacity of up to 700 tons/day.
Yakamoz Crushing Plant has a technology to produce meal, raw oil, and hull by processing oilseed crops such as sunflower seeds, soybean seeds, canola seeds, flax seeds, and dodder seeds.
In the Vegetable Oil refining facility, there are two refining units in a single building with the capacities of 150 tons/day and 200 tons/day. The total oil refining capacity is 350 tons/day.

Raw material (oilseeds) storage capacity of the is 22,000 tons with 6 functioning Steel Silos. For the finished product there are:

6 raw material silos with a storage capacity of 11,000 tons
13 raw oil tanks with storage capacity of 11,650 tons
6 refined oil tanks with refined oil storage capacity of 890 tons

Besides this, there is one steam boiler with a capacity of 13,500Kg/h (9,420kW) and waste water discharge unit with a capacity of 300 Tons/day.

Our contacts:

10035 Sok. No:7/2

AOSB Mah. Cigli/Izmir

35620 Turkey

Tel.: +90 232 398 50 00